Monday, February 22, 2010

milk chocolate souffles - bon appetit/feb

Yes, my second installment to my year long journey of baking one recipe from each issue of bon appetit for 2010. This month I decided to make the mouth watering Milk Chocolate Souffles with Nougat Whip. I'm all about dark chocolate but recently I've been rediscovering milk chocolate and enjoying it. I haven't switched sides, when offered a choice I will still pick dark. I think what I've discovered is that I was eating pretty low quality milk chocolate. But when you branch out and discover that there are some pretty good, if not excellent, milk chocolate to be found it's enjoyable. I bought Lidnt, which the recipe suggested, and used their extra creamy milk chocolate which happened to be on sale at Cost Plus. We enjoyed these on Valentine's night after we'd gotten home from a great dinner. I was able to make them ahead and pop them into the oven as we relaxed. Whipped up some of the nougat whip and we devoured our souffles. I liked the crunch from the almonds in the whip. It was a little tricky getting a great shot of these because they began to deflate and the whip melted, I have new appreciation for food photographers! For the recipe and to see the amazing picture of these souffles click here.

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Blogger Eliana said...

Oh man I saw these in that issue and was salivating over the picture. Yours look outstanding.

February 27, 2010 at 12:16 PM  

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